How to Take a Family Tree DNA Test (2009 version)

How to Take a Family Tree DNA Test (2009 version)

How to Take a Family Tree DNA Test (2009 version)

2009 version of step-by-step video instructions for completing a genealogical DNA test from Family Tree DNA (FTDNA). See new version at . Tutorial on how to open and swab your check to acquire DNA cells. Does not cover interpretation of results.



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  1. This video shows the participant swabbing for a few seconds. The instructions that came with the kit say swab "Forcefully inside one cheek many times (about 60 seconds)". I did the 60 seconds and my cheek started bleeding. The swab is not a cotton swab but rather a hard serrated compressed cotton end.

  2. Video very helpful. The printed instructions don't mention key info like which end goes in your mouth, and the key piece of info about the plunger release isn't mentioned either in the printed info. So, yeh, it's obvious to everyone who's done this, but not to anyone else. It'd be a guess.

  3. I live in the Philippines. Can i order still through the mail? If not, can i have it shipped to my friend who lives in the US and is coming over the Philippines then i'll do the swabbing on the day she leaves back for the US and have her mail it back over there? Is there a time limit to the viability of the sample from the cheek? Thank you for your informative video. 

  4. When you show the actual swabbing could you put an overlay message on the screen which tell the person to swab for 60 seconds.  The time in swabbing in the video makes it look like only a few seconds.  I am using this video to send to people in other countries.  Putting an overlay message on the screen saying to swab for at least 60 seconds would make this excellent video even better.  Thank you.

  5. I have a question. I have ordered a kit and made the test myself for getting to know my mothers side of the DNA. I am interested in my fathers side as well, but my father is dead and I have no brothers so now I have taken contact with my cousins son on my fathers side who is interested in participating. I will order the testkit and will take a trip to Finland were he lives. My question is how long I can hold on the test before my cousins son will take the test. What is expiring date for the testkit? Can I order the testkit now and wait a couple of months before the test is actually taken??? Sincerely Gunnel, Sweden.

  6. Swab requires 30-60 seconds of firm up and down motion, this is NOT mentioned in the video. Also 1 hour after drinking and eating. Erroneous video and your invalidating the kit for many users missing this vital information.

  7. The thing that must be realized is that the video is a demo!  It would be pretty boring to watch the entire process but you get the idea.  You will brush longer than observed and rubbing so hard you draw blood off your cheek is not necessary.  Otherwise, just follow the instructions in the kit.  It will be fine.  

  8. Looking for translation of this video into your language?
    It is already available right here. We have updated the English captions and you can have them auto-translated into many other languages.

    1. From this video viewing page, click the gear icon for settings.
    2. Note the Subtitles / CC (closed captions) item. Turn it ON and select Auto-Translate.
    3. Pick the language of your choice.
    4. Restart the video from the beginning using the Play or Red time line controls.

  9. Hello, I got the swab that you gotta snap and I find the picture on instructions sheet pretty strange, looks like it's a ten-foot pole. How do you snap it without messing it up? Thanks.

  10. The green form asks my ancestor's countries of origin. I kind of feel like that is what I am paying these folks the big bucks for. You tell me, haha. No big deal I guess, but I am going to leave that blank.

  11. To support educational efforts like this video, please SUBSCRIBE to this channel.
    Family Tree DNA changed their test kit equipment in late 2016. The new 2017 kit has a rounded swab head and the swab must be snapped in two rather than a plunger. See for video demonstrating the new kit.
    For those commenting on 'not endorsed by FTDNA' you have to realize the video was created well before FTDNA started referring to it.

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